Reprints and Permissions

Corporate Reprints
For more information about Corporate Reprints, please visit Corporate Services.

Author Reprints
If you are the author of an article, you may order reprints at a special author rate. Please contact the Reprints team for more information.
Author reprints must be used solely for the author’s personal use. For other uses, see Corporate Services.

Single Copies of articles
Single PDF copies of articles may be downloaded from the journal Websites.
Subscribers may download single copies of current articles free of charge.
Nonsubscribers may download single copies of articles via the pay-per-view option. For details, simply go to the article you wish to download. If you are not a subscriber, ordering information will appear.

Permissions for Authors
Authors do not need to obtain permission for the following:

  1. to use their original figures or tables in their future works;
  2. to make copies of their papers for their own personal use, including classroom use, or for the personal use of colleagues, provided those copies are not for sale and are not distributed in a systematic way;
  3. to include their papers as part of their dissertations;
  4. to use all or part of their article in a printed compilation of their own works.

Citation of the original source must be included and copies must include the copyright notice of the original publication.

Other permissions
Anyone may, without requesting permission, use original figures or tables published in RSM Press journals for noncommercial and educational use (e.g. in a review article) provided that the original source and copyright notice are cited.
For permission to reprint material for commercial purposes, requests must be sent via e-mail to the Permissions team.
The email should include the following information about the original material:

  1. Your full name, affiliation, and title
  2. Your complete mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address
  3. The full citation of the article from which you wish to reproduce material: author(s) name(s), title, year of publication, volume number and page range
  4. Figure/table number or portion of text to be reprinted

The email should also include the following information about the intended use of the material:

  1. Title of work in which material will appear
  2. Authors/editors of work
  3. Publisher of work
  4. Retail price of work
  5. Number of copies of work to be produced
  6. Whether work is for nonprofit or commercial use

RSM Press cannot supply original artwork. Use of material must not imply any endorsement by RSM Press. The full journal reference must be cited and “Copyright (copyright year) Royal Society of Medicine Press, UK”.